Immigration Lawyers And Solicitors In Leeds

Offering the UK's only 7 Day service to all our clients for UK Immigration. We are the Number 1 choice for immigration help. Available 7 days a week. Access: London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Oldham, Blackburn and Birmingham. We handle all types of UK immigration matters, Including complex matters such as Asylum, Bail & Judicial Reviews and we are regulated by the solicitors regulatory authority. Giving you peace of mind.

  • 7 Day Visa Turnaround Service
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  • 24/7 Customer Helpline 0203 633 4653
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Immigration Lawyers And Solicitors In Leeds

Offering the UK's only 7 Day service to all our clients for UK Immigration. We are the Number 1 choice for immigration help. Available 7 days a week. Access: London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Oldham, Blackburn and Birmingham. We handle all types of UK immigration matters, Including complex matters such as Asylum, Bail & Judicial Reviews and we are regulated by the solicitors regulatory authority. Giving you peace of mind.

  • 7 Day Visa Turnaround Service
  • UK National Offices
  • 24/7 Customer Helpline 0203 633 4653
  • 5 Star Reviews
  • Fixed Fee Pricing.
  • 100% Free Assessment. No Hidden Surprises

Immigration Lawyers And Solicitors In Leeds

Looking for an Immigration Lawyer (Leeds)/ Immigration Solicitor (Leeds)? Look no further. We are a leading team of Leeds lawyers and solicitors regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) here to help you get a successful immigration application. With substantial experience in immigration law and dealing with complex cases get in contact with us and book a consultation today. We are delighted to offer a full range of Immigration advice and guidance, catered to your individual circumstances.

Do You Need a Leeds Immigration Solicitor? Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help 

UK'S Best Immigration Lawyers offering the UK's only 7 days Immigration service with 24/7 availability to all our clients for UK Immigration. We provide advice and a premium service with our legal expertise spanning more than 10 years in all aspects of immigration and asylum law.

We are a highly rated law firm regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) and have experienced Immigration Lawyers with offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Blackburn. We know how imperative it is for you to resolve your problem hassle-free. Our highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable legal team will advise you accordingly and swiftly handle your case. We will ensure that you receive the best possible guidance for your Immigration Route, leading to a successful outcome.

7 Day Rating

Why Should I Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Whether you are planning to visit or reside in the UK, or you wish to extend your stay in this country, with decades of experience in UK immigration law, our Professional immigration solicitor can handle any UK Visa application in an extremely professional manner.

One of our specialists in the legal team will be ready to help you and your family with your application, your case will be handled by a dedicated Lawyer, whose areas of legal expertise will perfectly match your needs. You and your dedicated immigration Lawyer will work together to assess your circumstances, immigration goals and eligibility for your desired visa.

We will always be available to guide you through the process of completing and submitting your UK Immigration application, providing advice throughout the application process. Our professional service has got us 5 star reviews on Google .

Get in touch with our Immigration team and speak to a legal advisor to learn more about our Immigration services and to find out how we can help you.

What legal services are provided by your Leeds Immigration Lawyers?

Overview: Our work on your behalf will generally involve:

• discussing your circumstances in detail and confirming whether this is the most appropriate application for you to make and what other options may be available to you;

• giving you advice about the requirements of the Immigration Rules and whether you meet the criteria.

• if you do not fulfil certain criteria, whether this can be overcome and how;

• advising you of the supporting evidence required for your application;

• considering the supporting evidence, you have provided,

• preparing your application and submitting it on your behalf along with detailed representation

Our UK Immigration Lawyers are the best immigration lawyers working with businesses, individuals, and their families to make sure they get the right visa for their needs. We can help you too – contact us today for a free consultation.

We can help with:

Entry clearance, Leave to Enter and Leave to Remain

Marriage and Family Visas

Permanent residency and British citizenship applications

Work visa permits and employment immigration services

Deportation appeals, bail, and detention matters

Refugee and humanitarian protection inquiries

UK Appeals

Spouse Visa

Fiancé Visa

Visitor Visa

Marriage Visit Visa

UK Ancestry Visa

Adult Dependent Visa

Child Dependent under 18 visas

Family visitor UK visa

What will my Leeds Immigration Lawyer do for me?

1. Ongoing unlimited Immigration advice

2. Free face to face visits to one of our UK branches

3. Comprehensive document list specific for each case

4. Completion of all relevant government application forms

5. Provide a legal cover letter to facilitate and support the application form.

6. Check & advise of documents

7. Submit the application to the Home Office

8. Make all necessary arrangements prior to the appointment

9. Post decision advice and help

We will provide a free Assessment giving you immigration advice on your situation.Our immigration experts are well verse in Immigration law making sure your outcome is succesful.

During this Assessment,

• you will be able to discuss your circumstances in detail, as well an in-depth overview of all your options to proceed with your application.

• Your dedicated adviser will also outline the expected time frames to process your case find the perfect strategy to make your application successful.

• Once your eligibility for your desired visa has been confirmed you will learn how to gather the most adequate documentation to support your request.

What distinguishes us from other Immigration Solicitors in Leeds?

Law Firms Solicitors Helpline Everyone else
Fix fee Pricing(no additional cost)
7 day service Guarentee
Unlimited Calls/emails
More then 7 offices nationwide at your service

Are You Looking To Study Here In The UK? Here is How Our Leeds Immigration Lawyers Can Help

If you want to study in the UK, or you’re a parent wanting your child to attend a fee-paying school in the UK, our specialist Immigration Lawyers can help you apply for the Student Visa that you will need. We ensure that you get the right advice to give your application the best possible chance of approval by UK Visas and Immigration.

The qualifying criteria for a Student Visa is very strict and the paperwork can be confusing. Our Immigration Solicitor will work with you to guide you through the whole process. We have years of experience in immigration law and dealing with the Home Office also a high success rate for securing visas. We can help with:

Following the end of free movement between the EU and the UK from 1 January 2021, all non-UK nationals – including EU nationals (excluding citizens of Ireland) – require a visa for UK entry. This applies to Student and Child Visa applications.

If you, or your family member(s) are a citizen(s) of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, and started living in the UK prior to 1 January 2021, you could be eligible for the free EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). 

The EUSS exempts you from needing a UK visa to remain in the country. You have up until 30 June 2021 to apply for the scheme.

If you do not qualify for the EU Settlement Scheme you will need a visa to study in the UK.

Speak to us today for advice on the new immigration rules .

Does using a Leeds Solicitor give you the best chance to bring your wife or fiancé to the UK?

The spouse visa/ fiancé visa process is very strict with refusals at an all time high currently, our Leeds solicitors are experts in overcoming this and continue to produce a vast number of successful applications

A Spouse visa allows a foreign person to enter and reside permanently in the United Kingdom. If your UK partner is SETTLED or a British National in the UK

1. you may be eligible to reside in the UK.

2. After 5 years in the UK you can apply for Settlement in the UK

Main Requirements

1. Your UK Partner must be  settled in the UK

2. You must be at least 18 years old

3. To Pass at least the A1 English Language Test.

Financial Requirements

4. Have an annual income of £18,600, or

5. Have savings of £62,500, or

6. Receive PIP, Carers Allowance or DLA.

Our Leeds decade immigration expert will assist you during to entire process, from the submission to the outcome. They are available 7 days and 24/7 in your service.

How To Get My Company A Sponsor License? Our Leeds Immigration Lawyers Can Help

Tier 2 sponsorship licenses allow UK businesses to employ non-EEA (European Economic Area) nationals. Applying for these licences is complex but our solicitors offer expert Immigration advice with 100% success rate on first time or renewal applications and how to comply with licence regulations.

The Home Office has specific requirements for an RLMT to be successful, such as:

• Advertising the role in specific places like websites, newspaper

• Writing the advertisement in English (or Welsh for jobs in Wales)

• Running the advertisement for at least 28 days.

The UK Home Office is putting more rules in place to make sure non-EEA nationals are employed legally in the UK. Our immigration lawyers understand that employing migrants can lead to positive business growth and a diverse environment in your business.

 We can help you with:

• Prepare a Tier 2 a sponsor licence application and/or renewal.

• Use the online government sponsorship management system (SMS) which allows you to manage or renew your licences and create certificates of sponsorship for your foreign employees to use.

• Comply with your sponsorship duties once your licence is issued by auditing your business to pinpoint any issues

• Challenge licence revocations, suspensions and refusals

Which work visa applies to me? How can I apply? Contact our Leeds immigration lawyers to find out how

Understanding your visa options is essential in the process of applying to work here in the UK. You will have the opportunity to speak with our specialists before you commit to a specific application. In that case, they can check that your proposed visa is your best alternative and will meet your goals and expectations.

Although the skilled worker visa, also Known as Tier 2 visa is a Points based system visa, many other visa options exist. It is best to consider what you want from a visa before applying to the Home Office.

A Tier 2 visa lets you move to or stay in the UK if you have an offer for a skilled job in the country from a licensed sponsor. You can only apply if you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

The Skilled worker visa category includes the following visas:

  • Skilled worker visa (Tier 2 Skilled worker visa) – for people who have an offer of a skilled job that can’t be filled by a settled worker

  • Senior Specialist Worker Visa – for people who already work for a multinational employer and need to transfer to a UK branch. This includes both graduates transferring for training and long-term staff transferring to fill a post that can’t be filled by a settled worker

Tier 2 visas can last up to five years. You must have received a job offer from a UK company. You can extend your visa on the same route or apply for ILR after completing five years and reside in the UK without any kind of immigration restrictions.

The Home Office checks every single Tier 2 application very thoroughly. They will likely reject your application if you don’t prove that you meet the requirements. Our Leeds lawyers will establish any concerns from the beginning to ensure the process is as easy as possible for both; employers and employees.

 We’ll get to know you and your situation and listen to your concerns. We’ll tell you precisely what documents you need and help you obtain them.

As your application progresses, we’ll give you all necessary updates and explain every point to ensure we are on the same page at every stage.

 Moving to a new country and applying for visas can take time and effort. Our highly-experienced lawyers can give you the peace of mind to focus on. We can assure you that the services we provide you are highly trusted. Talk to us. We have a team of friendly, approachable UK Visa lawyers and Solicitors waiting to help you. 

My visa has been refused - what's next? Call our immigration lawyers

Getting a refusal on a UK visa is stressful, heartbreaking, or unexpected. We can understand how frustrating to have such type of outcome. Let us hold this issue in your best interest for the desired outcome.

Immigration legislation is constantly being reviewed, even more so with changes due to Brexit. The ever-changing immigration rules and laws are being amended and updated by the Home Office rapidly. It is, therefore, always recommended that you obtain professional legal assistance with all applications. As we can see, most of the refusals were based on simple technical issues that could have been avoided when applying for a visa via an expert solicitor.

Let us give you the best chance of getting your UK application approved the first time around. Give us a Call. Call us and get a No-Obligation Assessment on the phone or face-to-face at your convenience. We will discuss options such as an appeal, administrative review, or fresh application. when you speak to an advisor, Appointments are available, covering the whole of the UK.

How do I apply for a visitor visa? Contact our Leeds Immigration Solicitors

Are you looking to come into the UK on a visit? Our Leeds solicitors have had 1000s of successful applications in the last year alone. Whether it's a standard visitor visa, business visitor visa, marriage visitor visa or if you're receiving private medical treatment, our service includes this and more; get in contact with us on our telephone number 0121DO1 and get the advice you need today.

Am I Eligible for ILR OR UK British Citizenship? Find Out Through Our Leeds Immigration Lawyers

Indefinite Leave to Remain abbreviated as ILR is a document that proves that the bearer has been granted immigration status after living in the UK for some time under a temporary visa. To be granted this status, you must have shown your commitment to the UK. It is also known as the UK settlement visa and with this document, you can now enjoy life in the UK without any limitations of time.

Here at Solicitor Helpline we offer immigration services of our competent solicitors, who are ready to take you through the process and ensure that your indefinite leave to remain application or ILR application meets success.

After granting ILR you may be eligible for UK citizenship. It entirely depends under what basis you have been granted ILR.

The Requirements for UK citizenship:

• One must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.

• Living in UK at the time of application.

• Have spent at least 5 years in the UK, with no more than 450 days outside the country.

• Meet the CEFR level B1 English language requirements.

• Pass the UK citizenship test to show that you understand the essentials of British culture, customs, and traditions.

Our Leading team of regulated SRA(Solicitors Regulation Authority) Solicitors are specalist in immigration and nationality law helping and assisting people all over Leeds to get the best outcome possible.

If I'm Illegal Can a Leeds Immigration Lawyer Help Me?

It is the principal reason that if you are currently in the UK illegally, you will need to try and fix your status as soon as possible. Being an overstayer or illegal means depriving yourself of cherishing the benefits of most facilities, which is entirely stressful. The UK home office will deport anyone who is illegal and it has also been stated by the home office - anyone harbouring an illegal is liable for a criminal charge.

There are various options for visa overstayers in the UK. The options will depend largely on where you have come from in the first place and whether you have any family members who are EU citizens. If you do have EU citizens in your family, then we may be able to help you via the Family Visa route. If you have not then we will need to look at alternatives. 

Our immigration experts will be assisting you, depending on your situation providing you with any immigration advice.

Our expert immigration Solicitors work with a team of Barristers who have endless immigration law experience and managed to take Human Rights cases all the way to the European Court of Human Rights as well as to the Supreme Court with success rate.

My visa is about to expire. Can your immigration solicitor help me?

Our lawyers in Leeds can help give you the best advice and solution. If you are at risk of becoming an overstayer or your visa is about to expire, Please contact us as soon as possible to give you the best advice.

If your visa expires you have 30 days to leave the UK on a voluntary basis. If you do not leave within 30 days, paying for your own flight and travel costs, then you could face a ban on re-entry to the UK. There are many factors which lead you to stay or leave the UK, it is crucial not to let your visa expire without first exploring your options.

The length of the ban will depend upon The length of the overstay;

Whether you left the UK voluntarily and paid your travel costs, Whether you were deported.

Furthermore, if you make another application after the expiry of the ban then the overstay will be considered when UK Visas  assess the new visa application. They will consider the risk of your staying beyond your visa illegally in the UK and may refuse the visa application as a result. The likelihood of UK Visas and refusing a new visa application is high if you overstayed for a long time, did not provide a good reason for the overstay or you were deported from the UK.

The Home Office will disregard the fact that you are an overstayer if you apply for a new visa or to extend your existing visa provided that:

You make the application within 14 days of your visa expiring, and you have a good reason for having overstayed on your visa and can evidence it.

We can offer you a variety of advice and information to avoid continuing to overstay in the UK. 

Where are your UK immigration lawyers based?

Our professional Immigration lawyers are based throughout the UK London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and Blackburn. Our UK immigration lawyers provide the best immigration services in the UK also their understanding on UK immigration law is some of the best in the UK. UK immigration law can be difficult as the home office are continuously changing the rules. Having many offices in the UK, we are able to provide the best paid services. Our Telephone number is 01233422 call us now!

There are various options for visa overstayers in the UK. The options will depend largely on where you have come from in the first place and whether you have any family members who are EU citizens. If you do have EU citizens in your family, then we may be able to help you via the Family Visa route. If you have not, we will look into your matter and explore the best options available to you. 

Do I Qualify For Ancestry Visa? Our Immigration Solicitors Leeds Can Help

A UK Ancestry visa is a visa issued by the United Kingdom to Commonwealth citizens with a grandparent born in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland (before 1922) who wish to work in the United Kingdom. It is used mainly by young Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans of British descent coming to the UK to work and as a base to explore Europe.

The Home Office eligibility criteria for an ancestry visa are:

• You must be a Commonwealth citizen

• A grandparent must have been born in the UK

• You must intend to work in the UK

• You must be able to maintain yourself and provide your own accommodation without reliance on public funds

• You must be at least 17 on the date you plan to come to the

• You may need to produce a TB certificate depending on where you are applying from

To qualify for the ancestry visa one of your grandparents must have been born in the:

• UK

• Isle of Man

• Channel Islands

• Ireland – if born before 31 March 1922

• British registered or owned ship or aircraft

Being a reputable immigration law firm, our Best Immigration solicitors help you carefully understand and meet all the requirements for your visa. This streamlines the Immigration application process and lets you avoid common errors or omissions on your application. 

How Am i Eligible for A human rights visa? Find Out Through Our Immigration Solicitors Leeds

A human rights application is often a complex process involving individuals and in some cases their families. This type of application is based on an applicant’s, residence time in the UK, domestic violence, considerations involving children whose parents have no right to reside in the UK, or even cases where divorced parents with children can reside in the UK, among others.

Our dedicated Immigration team will discuss your options and provide you with expert legal advice.

FLR is an application to extend your stay or submit an application under compelling or compassionate circumstances.

Below are the categories that can fall in the FLR

• A minimum of 20 years of continuous illegal (or a combination of legal and illegal) stay in the UK if 18 or over.

• At the very least, seven years of continuous illegal (or a combination of legal and illegal) for a child under the age of 18 years who has lived continuously in the UK for at least seven years;

Our Leeds Immigration Solicitors will advise you in your best interest of you and lead your case to a successful outcome.

Are you still struggling to make the right decision?

We know that this is a difficult time as immigration law is very complex and we want to help make it easier. Our goal is to provide the best immigration Lawyers in Leeds  service possible so that you can get back to living life without worrying about this issue, we have the power to resolve your case as quickly as possible and provide the best immigration route for your situation so that you can get back on track with your life!

You won't find another law firm like us out there. Our understanding in immigration law and asylum law is the best in Leeds; if you don't believe us check out our Google reviews! We have dedicated professionals who understand the UK immigration law like no one else we will fight hard for what you deserve and need to be success.

If we take on your case, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your UK immigration matters is resolved as quickly as possible so that you can get back to living life without your immigration matter weighing you down. We know how stressful these cases can be and we want to help alleviate some of that stress by providing the best immigration advice and getting results fast! We can also help with creating a fast-track application package.

Our services Immigration Packages, Appeal Package documents and Application checking Package

Speak to us now on 0203 633 4653 or request a call back.

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